DayZ Screenshot 2021.02.06 -

Looking for a home server? Well this one might be for you! We are small community but we are growing each day as it comes

TheLivingDayZ is abit of a mixed server abit of PvP/PvE, Giving you an easier start to your life we have PvE zones in

the coastal areas the deeper into the map you go the PvP starts!. Toxic Zones are in but be careful theres more than

just your normal zombies waiting for ahead! Youll need to watch the skys aswell as air raids are happening all over

the map. Trying to keep it a friendly server! No toxic players or hackers will be tolerated. Raiding is strictly set

for only Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's. Friendly active admins willing to help when they can! Any player or any

experience is more than welcome to join.


Thanks for submitting!